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In line with the IAAF’s Development Strategy, the 2nd IAAF World Youth Coaches’ Conference will offer an ideal opportunity to exchange knowledge and update coaches on the latest trends and research in their field.
The overall focus of the conference is to keep coaches informed, bringing consistency and competence to them who play an essential part in the athletes’ career.
Coaches who will be accompanying their team to the World Youth Championships will be allowed to attend the Conference.
The IAAF will bear the cost of participation (including accommodation on 20 July 2015 in the same hotel as used during the Championships) for one coach per Member Federation. Additional coaches can be registered at the Member Federation’s cost.
A panel of prominent experts from various areas whose knowledge, experience and input will further qualify our coaches in the specific features and specifies of this category. All family events will be covered and simultaneous interpretation into English, French & Spanish will be provided.